Corp Cru and Whitebox Add Second Blockchain Event; Blockchain: The New Monetary Establishment

Corp Cru will host its second Blockchain event discussion on March 16, 2017 at 7PM at Whitebox, 329 Broome Street, New York City 10002. 

Please rsvp to [email protected]

The second Blockchain event was added due to overwhelming demand after an incredible response to the first panel talk on Blockchain and Bitcoin held on February 22.

Blockchain Event

The Feb 22, 2017 Blockchain event featured Jason Meyers, Co-Founder of Corp Cru, Carol Van Cleef of BakerHostetler, Michael del Castillo of Coindesk and Nick Spanos.


The addition of the second Blockchain Event also coincides with the extension through March 25, 2017 of the popular Corporation and Fister by Corp Cru exhibition.  

The second “art meets technology” Blockchain event, staged within the Corporation and Fister exhibit and moderated by Jason Meyers, founder of Vestcomp Ventures and co-founder of Corp Cru, will feature the return of Carol Van Cleef, Head of the FinTech, Virtual Currency and Blockchain practice teams at BakerHostetler as well as Nick Spanos, Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC. Additional panelists include Brad Chun, CEO of

Additionally, Theo Chino will make a guest appearance straight off the steps of New York State Supreme Court to talk briefly about his war against what he claims is an overreaching, ex-constitutional New York Department of Financial Services. 

Since its creation, eight years ago, the Blockchain has evolved into one of the most controversial, disruptive and powerful forces in technology. Blockchain, a democratic, peer to peer network of computing power is causing a race toward a quantum leap in the speed and efficiency of processing power. 

The discussion will cover evolutionary topics such as the proliferating array of Blockchain applications in development. 

This event, set within the Corporation and Fister exhibit, will shed light on the evolutionary aspects of how the Blockchain is impacting our world. 

For more information email [email protected].


Corp Cru is an artist collective that was formed in June of 2016. Corp Cru expresses in a controversial and exploitative fashion the social and economic issues that result from certain oppressive measures promoted by our establishment. Corp Cru is the creator of the Corporation Series of 50 original works of art based on a parody of the familiar “Operation” board game. Corp Cru is funded by a group of angel investors who share the same artistic and socioeconomic values. Please visit Corp Cru at

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Corporation is an exhibit of a series of 50 original works of art by Corp Cru that expresses a hilarious and provocative socioeconomic satire of the corporatocracy confined within a parody of the traditional board game; Operation.  Corporation will be on exhibit at White Box, 329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002 from January 22, 2017 through March 25, 2017. Visit

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Fister is a satire of the political and socioeconomic landscape confined within a parody of the game Twister. Fister is a growing number of original works of art by Corp Cru. Fister symbolically refers, in a humorous manner, to the uncompromising position society is often placed in at the hands of ever burgeoning and overreaching government. Visit


Whitebox is a not for profit 501(C)3 alternative art space located in the heart of the Lower East Side of New York City. White Box is located at 329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002. Visit

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