“Cannabis Legalization Credit Card” by Corp Cru

Corp Cru observes and expresses the preparation of the new government weapon to fill the revenue gap and keep you stupid, through the Cannabis Legalization Credit Card. 24”H x 42”W silkscreen acrylic on canvas.

new-copyAfter covering the kaleidoscopic array of controversially complex and costly issues we outlined in the Corporation Art Exhibit, it comes down to this; relax. The rat race is over. The rats have won. At least that’s what politicians want you to do while they conjure up the master plan to pass legislation to anesthetize the nation and attempt to recover the dollars they are losing through the tax code while getting you to pay for it. So the question is this; at the end of the month how will you have any money to make your Housing payments, pay your Utility bill, pay Healthcare costs, top up your coffee app, send your kids to college, make your car payment, pay for gas and pay your cell phone bill and still have something left over for that new pair of sneakers? If you want to keep your liberties, you may want to put down the joint, take off the dunce cap and pick up your AK-47 . Otherwise, all they want is your vote.

The Cannabis Credit Card refers the Corporation player to remove the polished aluminum Cannabis Leaf or “Cannabis Ailment” from Janet Yellen on the 8′ x 4′ Corporation by Corp Cru game board. Remove it without touching the sides of the Cannabis Ailment cavity and you’ll put the entire nation to sleep and win the next election by default. Touch the sides of the Cannabis Ailment cavity with the 24″ aluminum tweezers and you’ll cause the American People to wake up, see the truth, get an education, smarten up, get back to work, pay their bills and make America great again! Janet Yellen, if she still sits, will also respond somehow.