Coindesk Reporter Michael del Castillo Added as Panelist to Blockchain: The New Monetary Establishment.

Corp Cru is pleased to include Michael del Castillo, Staff Reporter at Coindesk, as a panelist to Blockchain: The New Monetary Establishment, a discussion of the evolution of Blockchain, Bitcoin and related applications.

The event will take place at 7PM EST at WhiteBox, a 501(c)3 alternative art space located at 329 Broome Street in New York City.

This rarely held public discussion, paneled by experts in FinTech, Blockchain and virtual currencies, will occur within the Corporation by Corp Cru exhibition now staged at WhiteBox.


Corp Cru is an artist collective founded in June of 2016 by Vestcomp Ventures, a venture capital firm based in New York City. Corp Cru expresses in a controversial and exploitative fashion the social and economic issues promoted by our establishment. Corp Cru is the creator of the Corporation Series of 50 original works of art based on a parody of the familiar “Operation” board game as well as Fister, a parody of the current political and socioeconomic landscape. Corp Cru is funded by Vestcomp Ventures and a group of angel investors. Please visit Corp Cru at

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Corporation is an exhibit of a series of 50 original works of art by Corp Cru that expresses a hilarious and provocative socioeconomic satire of the corporatocracy confined within a parody of the traditional board game; Operation.  Corporation will be on exhibit at WiteBox, 329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002 from January 22, 2017 through February 28, 2017. Visit

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Fister is a satire of the political and socioeconomic landscape confined within a parody of the game Twister. Fister is a growing number of original works of art by Corp Cru. Fister symbolically refers, in a humorous manner, to the uncompromising position society is often placed in at the hands of ever burgeoning and overreaching government. Visit


Whitebox is a not for profit 501(C)3 alternative art space located in the heart of the Lower East Side of New York City. White Box is located at 329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002. Visit


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