“Wearables” Debit Card by Corp Cru

Corp Cru expresses the acceleration of the consumerization of the “Internet of Things” through the Wearables Debit Card. 24″H x 42″W silkscreen acrylic on canvas.

The Internet of Things can’t live securely without Blockchain. Just ask the fine folks at IOTA, whose proposed decentralized “tangle” technology now sports a $10 Billion market cap.

The basis of IoT is when devices talk to each other and make agreements to fill your fridge with say; purple kale every 4 days. As your fridge enters into a smart contract with your supermarket distributor dispatching the delivery of a host of topped up items needed to feed your family without you even being home to receive delivery as the distributor has a unique code to your front door based on a confirmed “en route” delivery.

As car makers all but abandon performance enhancement engineering in favor of autonomous driving features now allowing you to text while your car barrels down the freeway at 60MPH, other device developers are racing down the same freeway to add IoT firmware that integrates with your smartphone.

The insurance companies aren’t afraid of crashing autonomous vehicles. They are racing to implement surety instruments that cover failure states within the protocol that will soon govern your whole life.