Play-Doh Therapy by Corp Cru

For those who pay tuition and are in need of that nostalgic safe space in their souls, we give you Play-Doh Therapy.

That’s right. We talked about the introduction of a series of 36 original “Play-Doh” works to be created  in the wake of the new curriculum instituted at major universities across the country.

Surreal isn’t it? How do you like how it rolls out? Let’s rehearse….FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. That’s how much the average tuition costs to attend a major university. 

At this writing we are investigating the requirements at different universities to enroll in the safe space curriculum featuring the puppy and Play-Doh therapy courses as well as the ongoing mental disposition of the faculty that introduced it.

Please visit us often as we will provide updates on the outcome of our investigation in addition to more original Play-Doh works by Corp Cru as they are created.

In the meantime, the first original of the Play-Doh collection will be on exhibit at Whitebox, 329 Broome Street, NYC until February 28, 2017.