Food Service Debit Card by Corp Cru

Corp Cru expresses the tokenization of credits for food through the Food Service Debit Card. 24″H x 42″W silkscreen acrylic on canvas.

Imagine the nerve of these giants. They convince you to deposit money with them in advance of you receiving the goods. What for? They book the prepaid revenue and use the capital to perpetuate propaganda that actually convinces you that its convenient. Maybe theres a little bonus of a loyalty program. Like heroin.

Enter the Blockchain. Let’s “tokenize” credits to the Blockchain. At least the Bitcoin is yours until it’s spent. Hell, if you want to guzzle coffee all the way to the emergency room, at least you’ll have the Bitcoin for admission.

in all seriousness, the Blockchain can track and audit the movement of ingredients through the entire supply chain. So when you become infected by that Chipotle burrito, they can trace the source your ill all the way to the farms of Chihuahua.