“Defense” Debit Card by Corp Cru

Corp Cru expresses the weaponization of the Blockchain through the Defense Debit Card. 24″H x 42″W silkscreen acrylic on canvas.

We talked about about IoT in the Wearables Debit Card. Now imagine a world not populated by sparrows and pigeons but by drones in their pursuit of those miners and “shillers” of those constitutionalized monetary systems through tokenization.

Each government wants its legacy preserved and they may be plotting a deployment against its own citizens for finally waking up to the deteriorating effects of the fractional reserve banking system. It started in the US on July 25, 2017 with “guidance propaganda”; the opening salvo of another attempt at centralization. It may end with the banning of digital asset creation by anyone except licensed, centralized banking behemoths.

You may want to stop pissing and moaning about gun control. A firearm may be your only defense when you’re hiding in the kitchen cupboard from the laser equipped blue jays circling around your center island. They’re not looking for bird seed. They want your private keys.